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Dyke Dyes: Who We Are and How We Came To Be 

Dyke Dyes is a Massachusetts based shop founded and run by women. We use thrift store finds and recycled threads for our custom designs because there’s plenty of usable material in existence, and there’s no need to make more waste! The environment is important to us, so we take people’s old/used threads and give them a new vibe with a splash, dip, or spray of color! Since our threads are pre-worn, you may notice a tiny hole or tear here and there, but we think this weathered look compliments the tie dye effect nicely and adds some personality to our clothing. 

Why tie dye? Well, here at Dyke Dyes, we believe that change and transformation are some of the most positive attributes human beings possess, and we want that to reflect in our clothing. Whether you’re looking for a mental, physical, or spiritual shift, Dyke Dyes brand stands as a reminder that these changes are right at your finger tips if you’re willing to let them in. 

We can dye any article of clothing our customers want, but we are only able to be as specific as the thrift stores allow us to be (based on availability). We love to send our customers mystery items or requested items, too, so let us know if there’s something you want us to create specially for you! 

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